kristofferson san pablo

The artwork of @hikristofferson. If you know what we’re talking about, you’re already smiling. Kristofferson San Pablo, “aka Ron Artists aka Yung Holland aka Brush Limbaugh,” as his aforementioned Twitter handle describes himself, is an artist with a comedic streak. Culturally affluent, Kristofferson’s work comes in several forms and mediums, while examining pop culture and its icons. References to the characters from The Simpsons drawn up as sexual objects – the #homerotica series – distorts a childhood memory by marking it as ‘adult’.

Gouache paintings and drawings of Kanye West, ego par excellence, who already thinks of himself as a piece of art, place the rapper in laughably mundane situations, rendering him human. Kanye pays for a parking meter? Fun, er, I mean, dope. The Lakers, Snoopy, Warhol, Pokemon, Jeff Koons. Catch his references.